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Here at Easy Web Presenter (EWP) we believe that the natural evolution for the internet is video. Transparent embedded video technology is revolutionising how web visitors interact with websites. EWP is at the forefront of this technology by delivering dynamic interactive video technology.

'Easy Web Presenter Ltd' is a young, fresh and focused business. The team has been working for many years within the information technology and multimedia industries. With our experience and knowledge we offer our clients the latest technologies to engage with users' experience when visiting their website

EWP route to market

Easy Web Presenter's sales are driven by a strategic network of self-employed sales professionals referred to as 'Agents' and established businesses acting as resellers. You have the opportunity to become part of this fast growing network.

The product

Easy Web Presenter has created a new method of adding video to websites. The video plays automatically when a web page is loaded. Unlike conventional web video, our videos can play without frames or borders. To enhance this feature further, the video can be placed over text and images. The video can also dynamically float with the user's scroll bar.

So what can this type of video technology be used for?

Research has shown that you have less than 6 seconds to make an impact with a web site visitor. By adding a web presenter, it has proven to increase visitor time whilst portraying messages in a new dynamic fashion.

What is a web presenter?

A web presenter is a real life person. We film actors reading a script in front of a green screen. The scripts are tailored for each website and agreed with the clients. We then remove the green screen to create a transparent effect and add the video to the website. Each web presenter is deployed with the Easy Web Presenter control panel.

Agent and reseller earning structure

We believe that the market is now ready for this new dynamic technology. More and more organisations are searching for opportunities to make their products and services standout from the crowd.

EWP are building an infrastructure to support this rapidly growing market.

Your role as an agent/reseller is to sell and promote EWP's products and services. This can be performed under a 'white label' basis. There is no financial outlay on your behalf. EWP will provide the following benefits to resellers:

•EWP will provide you with a free web presenter for your website.*
•EWP will tailor the video control icons to match your business branding*
•EWP will allow you to purchase the presenter packages at a discounted rate.*
* Subject to annual review and minimum sales.

Entering into an 'Agent Agreement' has financial benefits to both parties. You can earn income without the need to carry inventory or provide a service. EWP can increase their footprint in the marketplace at a lower overhead cost by paying for results only. A mutual desire to exchange value is key to a successful agent agreement.

This is a great opportunity to increase revenue for your business.

Please contact or affiliation team on solutions@easywebpresenter.com

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