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Q) Will my website be slower to load if I add a video presenter?
A) No, we use a system called 'progressive downloading'. This means the video starts to play as it downloads even before it has finished downloading. We encode the video into a low bandwidth to ensure there are no delays.

Q) My website is made in HTML, will the video presenter be compatible?
A) Yes, our technology acts as a plug-in and works independently. We can add a presenter to most sites even if you already have a 'flash' site.

Q) Will I need to change the layout of my website?
A) No, our web presenters are fully transparent. They sit on top of images and text already on your site.

Q) I'm not competent with web design and I'm concerned I won't be able to integrate this feature into my site.
A) No problem, at no extra cost we will add any code and files required to get the presenter up and running.

Q) Are the presenters copatible will all browsers?
A) Our technology is based on generic browser plug-ins. It is estimated that over 98% of browsers are compatible.

Q) I'd like the presenter to appear in a particular position on the website. Can this be done?
A) Yes, we can either lock the presenter to a fixed position or add them dynamically so they move with the scroll bars. It's your choice.

Q) I'm a personal trainer and I'd like my clients to see me as the presenter, is this possible?
A) Yes, we are happy for you to be the presenter. We will assist you through the script and give any stage directions to help you deliver your message in a clear and concise way.

Q) I can see the benefits of virtual presenter but I'm not sure what message to get across to my visitors. Could you help us?<
A) We strongly recommend that you take advantage of our professional scripting service. Our talented and experienced scriptwriters will contact you to discuss your requirements and work with you to produce the most appropriate message for your visitors.

Q) We are considering having a web presenter to promote our monthly promotions. Do you offer a package to meet our requirements?
A) Yes, we offer a series package where you can have a new presenter each day, week, month, quarter or bi-annual. This series package keeps your website fresh for re-visiting users and is heavily discounted.

Q) Would it be possible for the presenter to wear our uniform?
A) Yes, our production team will contact you when the script has been finalised. This is where we will discuss the presenter outfits, direction etc. Uniforms and costumes will need to be provided by the buyer at their cost. This option is very popular as it adds a high impact product branding.

Q) Is this a gimmick? What's the point of having a web presenter?
A) This is definitely not a gimmick! Research has shown that a moving, talking web presenter provides stimulation and increases interest causing your visitors to stay on your site for longer. The internet is expanding daily and it is becoming more difficult to keep visitors and leave a lasting positive impression. Web presenters act as a powerful dynamic marketing tool that is proven to engage with visitors for longer periods.

Q) I'm concerned that the presenters might annoy revisiting users, can the user switch the web presenter off?
A) All our web presenters are deployed with our 'EasyWebPresenter' control panel. The control panel is visible when the mouse is moved over the presenter. The visitors can pause, stop, mute or rewind the presenter. You can also choose how oftern the presenter is played for different visitors.

Q) I'd like my presenter to inform the visitor about our latest offers. Is it possible for the visitor to be redirected if they click on the video presenter?
A)Yes, we can code any redirect URL you specify. Our production team will ask you if this feature is required during the set-up conversation.

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